May 2015 Newsletter

Investing in Yourself

Well… April Fool’s Day (April 15th) has come and gone and many are going to continue in their same old patterns of working a job, just getting by and remaining deep in debt, putting money into stocks, IRA’s 401K’s and Mutual Funds that we know will soon crash like they did in 2008.


This newsletter is a sharp challenge to all of my readers – LET’S ALL INVEST IN OURSELVES STARTING NOW!

  • Plant a garden. My resident expert says to plant when the night temperatures are consistently 60 degrees or higher. For me here in Georgia that will probably be the first or second weekend in May.
  • Turn off the electronic income reducer (TV) and start a business. Experts like Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown tout home-based businesses as key in getting the middle class out of danger from becoming poor.I have offered, free of charge, an invitation to watch the documentary “Rise of the Entrepreneur” for the last month or so. If you have not watched this great documentary yet just shoot me an  and I’ll send you the three-day invitation. Once you receive the link you will have 72 hours to watch it.

This documentary stirred me to finish my latest book, “Basic Financial Survival: Learning to Survive Then Thrive in Any Economy.”

For the first 25 people that order the book/workbook set I will give a free 30 minute business consultation and a free copy of my book, “Lessons From A Christian Prisoner: Thoughts, Poems and Short Stories From The Valley.” The book/workbook set is $40 with free shipping.

You can order via Paypal

I’ve also started taking massive action in growing my home-based business. My mentor says that massive action produces massive results. I haven’t been this excited about a business in a long time. I get to educate people and see them grow financially while I do the same thing. My websites for the Thrive Team are and

Instead of taking a little out of my paycheck every payday and placing it in some savings account, Mutual Fund or IRA I find investments that will pay off. Wealthy people have multiple streams of resources and we can too. Some suggestions:

  • Take courses in subjects that interest you. It’s never too late to go back to school, but not for a degree that will just get you a job. There are many entrepreneurial courses being taught at colleges and universities around the world. I hear that Harvard even has courses on Network Marketing!
  • Start paying close attention to your health. This is an area that, if you invest with consistency, you may extend your life. I have started juicing again, and the vegetables that grow in my garden will be an important step in keeping me healthy. I am also in the planning stages of getting all the mercury and other toxins out of my mouth. I met a dentist that will detoxify my mouth and replace the bad stuff with good stuff!
  • Invest in your children by teaching them how to live without depending on “the system.” I don’t necessarily mean that you need to go out in the woods and teach them survival techniques (although that’s not a bad idea). What I mean is teach them how to be great problem solvers, how to learn skills that will feed them when jobs are scarce and how to start businesses that thrive in any economy.


Both my children have regular jobs and also home-based businesses for extra resources. And by the time she is six years old I will have my granddaughter in a home-based business!

These are only a few ways that we can invest in ourselves. I’d love your feedback! Email and let me know some additional ways that you plan to invest in yourself and your family.

On another note, in early April I was one of thousands of people that took advantage of the opportunity to view an eleven part documentary called “The Truth About Cancer”

I recommend that each of you purchase this documentary set because it shows that:

  1. There are cures for cancer.
  2. They have lied to you about the effectiveness of the drugs they use on cancer patients.
  3. Doctors would not use the same treatments with which they treat cancer patients.
  4. Sugar feeds cancer and doctors don’t tell you to stop eating all that sugar!

The documentary is not just about cancer though. It tells us how to eat properly to keep our bodies healthy and tells us what to avoid eating so that we won’t get all these diseases. Vaccines were a hot topic in the documentary also. I ordered the set and will be showing the DVD’s to family members and friends at my home this summer because PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

Also, I will be traveling and speaking this summer. Currently Cleveland, Ohio and New Haven, Connecticut are on the schedule, as well as Houston, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. As the details are firmed up I will be sharing more information about each event.

Now go invest in yourself!


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9th Annual Kingmakers Conference

Greetings Kingmakers!

We are just under 3 weeks away from Activation 2015. Remember, we hope to see you in Virginia Beach at The Founders Inn, April 16-18, 2015. There is still time to get registered!

Our evening sessions are free and open to the public. So let’s get the word out. Be sure to forward this email to your friends. Also, we ask that you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to help promote the conference.

Conference Announcement

We want to enlist your help in making this the best conference yet! Here are four things we would like for you to do:

  1. Get Registered – We encourage those who have not registered yet, to get registered and invite others! We have to continue to get the word out. This is a prophetic call to women and we know that God has something great in store.
  2. Pray for Kingmakers – We solicit your prayers. We know that all great moves of God are preceded by prayer. We are asking you to pray daily for Kingmakers and for the conference. Pray over the location (Founders Inn); Pray for Bishop & Mrs. Boone, Pastor Hunt and Kingmakers leaders and facilitators; And pray for each attendee to receive all God has for them. Pray in agreement with us for tremendous favor in every area concerning the conference.
  3. Fast with Us – We invited those on the prayer line to join us for a weekly time of fasting on Wednesdays until 6 p.m. We encourage you also to join this corporate fast leading up to the conference. If you are seeing it with us, please drop us a line at “kingmakers AT”.
  4. Share your Testimony – If you have been blessed by Kingmakers and God has done something extraordinary in your life, please let us know and you may be able to share at this year’s conference.


9th Annual Kingmakers Conference

Silver Engines Review

I want to share something with you that I have found to be helpful to me.

Back in the early 2000’s when I started opening my eyes to the “system” I learned about colloidal silver and its health benefits. I used it for years and recently starting using it again after it was noted that silver has an effect on the Ebola virus. I researched more and found that the health benefits of silver are very profound, but the cost of going to the health food store and buying enough silver to last even a month was too much for me.

I saw some articles about making your own silver, but the processes were too complicated for my busy life – I even have a hard time following cooking recipes.

Then an Internet friend let me know that he actually had a machine that makes colloidal/ionic silver. He said it was easy so I got the machine and gave it a try. I found that not only is it easy to make but last month I had some kind of virus and instead of lasting a week I stopped it in two days by making sure I was consistent in taking the silver.

Look at the research yourself. Silver has been found to relieve many ailments. Since I am not one to take pharmaceutical drugs this silver is now a staple in my health regimen.

ISilver Engines in Action am happy to announce that if you are interested in the SILVERengines proton machine you can get a $100 discount by adding the code “sherry” to your order.

Try it and you may save thousands in healthcare expenses.

To your health! SPJ