July 2014 Newsletter

Everything Must Change

That is the title of a 1974 song by Bernard Ighner and it was undoubtedly based on Ecclesiastes 3 of the Bible.

With that, it is with sadness that I inform you of some of the changes that have taken place in my life. As of May 1st I have become a part of another statistic. The first one was the prison statistic. Now it’s divorce. I won’t get into details but suffice it to say that a younger woman was involved in the mix.

I have moved but I am still in the metro Atlanta area. I am still working part-time and I will continue to try and make a difference in each area that I touch.

Sad ChildThe saddest news is that in order for me to move forward I have to scale back this blog.

As of August 1st, this blog site, www.sherrypeeljackson.org, will not necessarily contain a monthly newsletter.

I will continue occasionally with news, information and blogs, but my main focus will be correcting my health issues and growing my Titus 2 International Women’s Ministry website, which is www.titus2345.org.

Titus 2:3-5 tells the older women (that’s me now) to teach the younger women how to be real women. Although the ministry is mostly for women I am sure men can learn from some of the things that I will be saying, especially about finances.

All of my updates and speaking engagements will continue to be posted on this blog. For example, I may be in Northern Virginia around July 25th and near Houston, Texas around August 1st. I will add details to this blog site as they become available.

Also, if you want to contact me you can still do it here on this blog site. When I visit different cities for conferences I would love to meet you, so I will keep informing you of my travels.

Please note that I have not given up on the truth or the ideals that I so deeply hold. I have just chosen a different path to achieve the goals that I feel are most imperative now that my life has taken a sharp turn. As things develop I may regularly blog here, but the subject matter will concentrate on problem solving.

I would like to thank you all for being a part of the conversation over this last two years, and I pray that you continue to think and grow, and fight for freedom and justice.

This is Sherry Peel Jackson, moving on and up!


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